Define Sophisticated

Sophistication is in direct conflict with nature. Modern definitions include quality of refinement — displaying good taste, wisdom and subtlety rather than crudeness, stupidity and vulgarity. In the perception of social class, sophistication can link with concepts such as status, privilege and superiority.

Sophisticated is the fourth studio album by the progressive metal band Sieges Even. It is the first album to feature the vocalist Greg Keller and it is a complete departure musically from their previous album. (


1. (of a person, ideas, tastes, manners, etc.) altered by education, experience, etc., so as to be worldly-wise; not naive: a sophisticated young socialite;

the sophisticated eye of an experienced journalist.

2. pleasing or satisfactory to the tastes of sophisticates, or people who are educated, cultured, and worldly-wise:

sophisticated music.
3. deceptive; misleading.

4. complex or intricate, as a system, process, piece of machinery, or the like:

a sophisticated electronic control system.

5. of, for, or reflecting educated taste, knowledgeable use, etc.:

Many Americans are drinking more sophisticated wines now.